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Big Week for Roam

  • They raised $9M on a $200M valuation -

  • [[Roam API]] + [[Multiplayer experiments]], starting with 20-30 users next week, join the waitlist here:

  • [[Roam Fellows]]: We’re starting a fellowship program where we are giving grants to researchers to explore the space of [[Tools for Thought]], [[Collective Intelligence]], [[Augmenting The Human Intellect]]. If you’re interested in exploring the frontier of human augmentation through technology, you may be a good candidate for our fellowship program. Please email to get in touch.

  • We’ve committed 1M from our balance sheet, and 1M from our option pool to a [[Roam Fund]]. For makers building Tools for Thought generally… And founders building new products/experiences via our API, or content businesses off Roam multiplayer specifically.

and the Roam user email broadcast list.


I trialed Roam but very much like Obsidian… primarily, I control my own data!!

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I’ve been tweeting to self for decades.
But a point did come when I had to join Twitter as we cannot beat it yet. May not need to as they intend to go decent(ralized)
Eventually everybody will, like NetFlix because it brings 10 fold reduction in operation costs or more.

I am all for Personal First, and decentralization and ownership but we do need a polycentric world.
If Roam becomes open for interoperability and
kind of syndication and global sharing and discovery platform personal and collective will be bridged.
After all we strive to understand to be understood.
Knowledge exists through sharing.

Networked Thought requires Polycentric Networks of People


Agree on polycentric completely. I think the closer to open source we can do that the better.

Obsidian is not open source but it has community spirit. It has a free version forever, no need to even create an account. Roam is $15/month and I think requires a one year sign up (I could be wrong), although they do have a financial assistance program.

The more open the tools the better I think and markdown files are supremely interoperable. Obsidian is coming out with a publish feature soon.

At this point, I need to stretch my writing and publishing muscles, and either would serve me well.

EDIT: I do like the research sponsoring Roam is putting forward!

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