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Commerce and OGM

I wanted to discuss commerce and OGM a little, following up from my mention of the topic on the Thursday, 2020-09-01 OGM call.

Partly, I just wanted to say out loud that I think we should, sometimes, pay each other real money for goods and services. There are other commerce+OGM topics, too, would love to discuss those as well.

Also, I want to make this observation right up front: it’s common in our society to want to maximize revenue/profit/etc. But I’m less interested in that kind of commerce within OGM.

I prefer thinking of internal commerce more as a way to start discussions about value exchange (of many kinds, not just money) and a way for us to do stigmergic signaling, and not necessarily as a primary income (or cost) stream. So for instance, in an OGM Marketplace, I might offer or accept US$10 for 1 hour of some kind of work, even though in another market that hour might be worth US$100. (Or blended value, some in $, some in BTC, some in exchange value, some in OGM Bucks, etc., etc.)

I think a good start might be a “Marketplace” category within OGM Forum, with sub-categories like “Help Wanted”, “Help Offered”, “Stuff Wanted”, “Stuff Offered”.

What do you think about commerce and OGM?


I salute this effort, Pete.

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that is a great idea; it may require some structure to match skills / interests with opportunities

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That’s such an excellent question! :slight_smile: