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Community Marketplace Patterns

I’m writing down some starter patterns for [[Community Marketplaces]]. I’ve been thinking about these in the context of design and how to participate in the OGM Marketplace; and for a longer time, in the context of [[matchmaking systems]], community currencies, and the history of retail markets).


Goods Needed (Requests)

Goods Offered (Offers)

Help Needed (Requests)

Help Offered (Offers)

Reviews and Ratings

Policies Needed

Ground Rules

What’s allowed, what’s disallowed?

This is a good place to remind people to follow all laws.


Allowed, not allowed, which currencies / tokens / barter systems / etc. are recommended, disallowed, etc.

Problem Resolution

How will problems / disputes be handled? By whom? What recourses are there?

Reviews / Ratings

How does the community let members know if an exchange was good or bad? How do good or bad actors get surfaced?

Meta: how do you keep reviews and ratings high in signal, and low in socially obligated noise?


Nobody likes a stale marketplace. How long do postings last? Are they archived or deleted? Can they be reposted?