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Dynamic Equity Split

" Dynamic Equity Split" is an equity allocation mechanism that was heavily discussed a few years ago in the US entrepreneurial/startup space.

I never really dug into it, but want to at some point. This is a reminder to look into it more, and a pointer for others who might be interested.

Here’s one starter article, there are many others about the topic:


Here’s how dynamic equity works in one of the companies that I know quite well:
Baking and Slicing the Pie of Shares, Yummy and Fair

We, at Enlivening Edge, published some articles about their work. This is the one that I wrote: Ecstasy in a Governance Meeting.

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Thank you, George! That is a super helpful and super concrete example. (It’s also good that it’s a success story! :slight_smile:)

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In practice, it’s a bit more complicated to set it up than the article makes it sound. So, Encode.orge made “Dynamic Equity” consulting services part of their business model.

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I bet! But I get the gist, and feel like I could either do it, or now I know I can hire someone to help me do it. :slight_smile:


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