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Interesting to Read

The Virus Is Our Idea of Ourselves, by Claire Fontaine


Not only viruses but also power relationships go through the body. With this in mind, the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the precariousness of our daily living and working conditions: of informal slavery, badly paid jobs, gendered multitasking, the return of fascism, and other separating effects of the social Darwinist ideology of neoliberalism. In the twentieth contribution to our column “Notes from Quarantine” the collective artist Claire Fontaine paints a differentiated picture of these very violent explosions of conflicts amongst those who cannot participate in the dream of a life made of material comfort and institutional recognition. Becoming complicit in our dispossession rather than our submission thus seems to be all the more necessary.

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“Precarity” is a word that is showing up more and more in current discourse (sic). So this post (I thought it was a book) seems on point.

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The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free, by Nathan J. Robinson

The conundrum of needing good information and knowledge in a capitalist system…


American Fascism: It Has Happened Here, by Sarah Churchwell, The New York Review of Books.

Excellent article, well-written and well-argued.

(And sad and scary as heck, but hey, you knew that already.)

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Open source software value not counted in GDP.

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“A Brief History of Decentralized Computing” by Eric Elliott

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