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Introduction: Rob O'Keefe

Where on the globe are you? I am mainly in Arlington VA and spend a lot of time in Bluffton SC (near Savannah GA and Hilton Head SC)

What is your main gig? I own and run a Management, Strategy, and Design consultancy (Arc Aspicio) mostly focused on the US government, in particular Homeland Security.

LinkedIn link?

What is your connection to OGM? I am a long time user of The Brain, on and off over many years. As such I became interested in a variety of Jerry’s initiatives, such as Inside Jerry’s Brain (IJB) chats. Mostly a lurker.

What part interests you most? I am a connector. I would like to see this community evolve and then have connections to spiritual/self development communities and Bitcoin communities and art/photography communities. I have an interest in finding news sources that are close to the place the news is happening and are not part of a major media conglomerate.

Extra credit: What are your superpowers? I am a connector and empathetic. I have poor memory, which is why i use The Brain! Ha!

I like finding new music and sources of music. I think the two party system is broken and damaging in the US. I think the USD based monetary system is broken and damaging to the world.

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