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OGM Design Meeting

During our 09-03 Open Call, we discussed our collective wish to have a bit of an OGM Design Session which @saiiam has offered to facilitate. The goal of this session would be to begin to define what OGM is - mission statement, principles, etc. Please use this thread to post and thoughts or questions you have around:

  • Why are we here?
  • What is our mission? What should it be?
  • What are our guiding principles?

We’re looking forward to the discussion!


I think this is a platform for discovery, with cooperation happening in smaller groups or diads that form from that discovery.

Is this now for discussing and refining the Draft Vision Document to get it from personal contribution to wider community agreement?

@skreutzer It is not. The purpose is to start collecting some high level design questions about OGM. The output may very well inform the language in the Draft Vision Document, but the intent of this thread is not directly related to the document itself.

Matt discussed this meeting during his check-in today. If you skip to the end today’s check-ins (after the call is posted, of course) you can catch some discussion about it. The idea was initially discussed at the end of last week’s call as well.

Hope this helps,

I do not think it can be about any and everything, which it sometimes appears to be the case. Lets address (solve?) one limited scope issue. What issue? It does not really matter. In moving between issues, the song remains the same, only the buzz words change.

hey there, just poking around more in the forum to see what’s happening,

it seems this thread could be useful to spin up now post workshop, surfacing and clarifying more questions answers trajectories repositories etc