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OGM Q&A: Currency Paradigms, Bitcoin, and more with Ingrid & Pete

Tuesday, Feb 23 – 90 minutes at 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST / 18:30 CET

Join Ingrid Lantz and Peter Kaminski as we share questions and answers about how the currency paradigm is shifting, including topics such as fiat currency, reserve currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, DeFi, community payment and exchange systems, blockchain applications, etc.

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“OGM Q&A: Currency Paradigms, Bitcoin, and more with Ingrid & Pete”
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I am finding that interesting for a couple of reasons. Indigenous wondering how block chain can help their #landback initiative, and resource, a celo platform startup is based here in asheville and wants to launch a mutual credit implementation for local b2b on the block chain. They are working on making the deck merchant ready and i will introduce them around.

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hardcore thread via @holtzermann17

“Today we’re going to talk about “the blockchain” and why it’s one of the dumbest most harmful faux innovations to ever come out of the tech industry. (1/) :thread:

Blockchain imperialism in the Pacific

Olivier Jutel

First Published February 18, 2021 Research Article

and dovetailing with cicolab blackpaper concerns

and a counterpoint, via kernel cohort

“ I can’t really explain the feeling–after decades of “traditional art world” experiences–of having people find, enjoy, acquire my work on the blockchain. Being paid instantly, getting royalities from secondary sales, and most of all being a part of this welcoming community has really been joyous. Many many thanks! #NFTS #blockchain #aiart #artistsfirst #newarteconomy

Here’s the recording!

There are a few notes (various questions and a few glossary terms) on this doc:

And a new Mattermost channel for continuing the conversation, “Blockchainy”:

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we had a reasonably comprehensive collective toe-dipping session …!