Systems Thinking is Alot More Than Feedback Loops

On make people comfortable: There have been studies as to how complex of a data flow diagram people can comfortably handle. Answer: 5 to 7 activities per diagram max. I have always experienced such. After that breaking the diagrams down further is needed.

Regarding your question on putting the presentation together, what presentation are you referring to?

I think I have my discussion threads crossed as it seems it was someone else’s presentation.

As for Moments… the underlying problem is not thinking of the implications of our actions before we take them. In that particular situation had I considered all the implication of the action I was about to take I probably wouldn’t have taken it.

Implication of your action in terms of your aim. I have yet to see a CLD in which the overall aim was evident.

The aim was to help me have a more pleasant breakfast and as such be in a better position to deal with my ongoing daily frustrations.

I thought Gene was talking about this presentation:

Ok, I will now revisit your question “What is the [overriding] problem?” But, tomorrow. (Got an appointment in 10 min.)

Oh that… I had it in a state where I could easily walk through it with high school grads. But I have been expanding the scope to include additional concepts and it needs rework.

Yes, I was though it seems I’m often confused as to what I’m referring to…

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Regarding the Moments video’s question “What is the problem?”

I previously posted that I was going to revisit this based upon your statement of the system’s Aim. However, I did not see at the time that you already answered the question so I will drop it.

Yes. One of my favorites is this: Solve Everything at Once: Nora Bateson on systems thinking, warm data & singing out loud
Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 19.23.22


Thanks for the info.

What is remarkable about Nora Bateson, the daughter of Gregory Bateson, that she is practicing not only systems thinking but systems being.

In an earlier post, where Pete has called our attention to her work, we can read about her research focus epitomized by this question:

“How can we create a context in which to study the contexts?”

Wouldn’t that question mesh well with what OGM could do if we were to support to the transformative movements working for reimagining and redesigning our institutions and social sectors (each of which is an interdependent context for the other)?

FYI: Nora is not only theorizing about all this but also, has developed the Warm Data Lab methodology, in which she is remaining people. (Disclosure: I’m a certified WDL facilitator.)