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recovered is i’m kind of less interested in having rome or mural or the brain or whatever be the hub or the center of some new ogm like thing


i’m actually really interested in having beaker or jupiter lab or some open framework that’s really powerful inside


and distributed be the be the holder be the container for a series of apps that are cooperating that you can kind of pick and choose and bring in as you need them that know how to eat that all know how


to use this future of distributed link trustworthy data contextualized you know warm data that is really attractive to me um and so for me all these tools would need to adapt into that


frame or that world which then makes it a bit more equitable somehow because because now the frame is wildly open and the tools it’s it’s kind of like you know everybody adapted to living inside of


web browser windows it’s very similar to that and this is distributed browser windows as app platforms that’s not a terrible analogy i think and so how does that play forward


apparently you’ve got thoughts yeah i was just thinking that um some of the funding models that i kind of like uh that i’m thinking about that aren’t really there yet but is like feature


funding so if the community wants something then you have that and there are some there is a feature funding website for open source uh it’s just not very user friendly um


there might be more than one and then you know findings you know we’re building a commons and trying to fund the commons has been a problem for thousands of years right and some communities have solved that


because the value is directly coming out of the commons um and to tap into that you have to do the agreements but um that doesn’t seem to work


that same model in this more complex thing but that’s the nut that i want to crack um so it’d be interesting to brighten storm on that totally yeah


i mean my brain goes to like a cryptocurrency living behind it or you know like the dow kind of thing and you you pay if you if you consume and you get paid if you


create and you’ve got your ledger moving and you get paid per link yeah all this like collective contribution to it and i don’t know one model i’ve liked a lot


is pay for privacy which is if you’re willing to do this thing you you need to do openly it’s free and if you need privacy if that if this data is proprietary to you then you pay yeah that’s that’s pretty painful yeah


that’s good it’s though it’s indirect where mark kind of pointed was pay for pay for professional


features so you have open access to data and it’s kind of slow and web brainy and if you want you know if you want pro access to it you pay for that you you pay harlan but


you know and you paid mark i so i i think all of this stuff is a special case of the tools case of a larger question that’s going on in ogm i think i think the way


i feel like there’s two kinds of commons there’s the commons where sheep are grazing and then there’s another kind of commons which is the marketplace or you know the the crossroads um so uh i think


all of this stuff the the tools the tools enable um better what i’ve been calling an ogm flocking and swarming and things like that um i think we’re on the tipping point between


um costa’s firm and peer production and now we’ve got this hyper-networked scale-free flocking collaboration thing that’s

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Thanks for leaking this; otherwise I would have remained unaware of the graph people voting with their feet for doing their graph things of course, and continued rambling about stuff like hypertext, semantics or data browsers, which is all really entirely hopeless given the circumstances.

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