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Collective Intelligence & Wisdom: an OGM-branded virtual fair

In his email, @Jerry called our attention to the EU Collective Intelligence Summit of next week. He also mentioned, “we often use this list to share things going on of interest.” That triggered the following stream of consciousness.

Yeah, the “collective intelligence summit” theme is certainly both OGMy and Technoshamany 🙂 . Unfortunately, this one, just like most other events about the same subject, speaks about and not from it. I.e. The event designers don’t use the great brain power present in the conference hall, physical or virtual, for turning its collection of intelligence into a collective intelligence, beyond the eventual break-out rooms that, typically, lead to nowhere.

Well, maybe that’s not “unfortunate” because it gives us the opportunity for a truly trailblazing global event where CI wouldn’t only be the topic but CI principles and practices would be fully embedded in how it is designed, facilitated, and harvested.

Why not celebrate the global premiere of OGM with a masterfully designed unconference or virtual fair, where if someone wants to be a presenter, s/he would need to accept an answer from us, like, “only if you’re willing to participate in the practices for augmenting the CI of the whole event.”

For those of us curious about the history of the efforts to co-create CI-boosting public events, there’s a “Collective Intelligence Convergence” write-up about what I started with my friend, Tom Atlee, back in 1993. Those efforts culminated, in 2007, in the design of the Collective Intelligence and Human Choice that was going to be a CI convergence event.

That plan didn’t materialize but both of the documents referenced above have plenty of mineable insights for future organizers of CI-augmenting events. The only tangible outcome from those efforts was that many of the invitees morphed into co-authors of the 648-page COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating Prosperous World at Peace anthology, to which I contributed a couple of chapters. (You can get the book on Kindle for $3.69.)

But not all of my big unconference organizing efforts remained fruitless. With my friends I co-designed and facilitated, in 1998, the Knowledge Ecology Fair, a highly successful, month-long virtual event attended by 400 participants from all over the world and complete with all this:

So, if my team could accomplish that, with some corporate sponsorship, 32 years ago, why couldn’t we, OGMers, not celebrate collective intelligence & wisdom with a global virtual fair, complete self-organizing workshops, virtual booths of CI tool and process startups, knowledge café, etc.? Just an idea worth pondering…


Can you explain the conditions for participation; augmenting the CI processes for the whole event, George?



Tired of academic and other CI conferences that only all talk about CI.
If we create an OGM-branded CI gathering,
shouldn’t we request from all who want to present something

that they also walk their talk and practice CI,
by contributing to bringing to life our first-of-its-kind event design
optimized for augmenting CI in the social field formed by the participants?

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Peter, I find myself confused as to how to take that step to embedding CI into an event (or other situation). Is this accomplished by offering a topic and then asking each participant to share their thoughts on it? Is there an informational sharing about the topic prior to that?

@GlennMII, let me try to answer even if I’m not Peter. :slightly_smiling_face:

offering a topic and then asking each participant to share their thoughts on it

That would be information sharing, two rungs below intelligence. See my slide about the difference, from the past century:

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 14.58.42

how to take that step to embedding CI into an event

I wrote a li’l bit about it in 2009 and 2011. Neither of those examples gives you perfect answer but maybe some inspiration to keep your questions coming.

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First of all, George, I apologize profusely for getting your name wrong. I had a “brain fart” which I shall blame on the meds I’m currently on. :wink:

Unfortunately for me, collective intelligence is an area that I’ve never really delved into, so I freely admit to being a novice. The graph is not particularly useful to me because the underlying precepts are unknown, and that lack of data makes it hard for me to understand anything other than the obvious graph of the “ROI” of each system.

I would like to know why you consider the example I posed as being information sharing? What prevents it from being more? Criteria are always useful.

I read the two articles but, although there was a teasingly small amount of help in 2011, I didn’t really glean enough to help me. You referenced the use of CI tools and such but, aside from the somewhat vague game, you didn’t provide enough concrete information to help me.

I hope you’ll be able to help me reach a strong comprehension! :slight_smile:

Glenn, having practiced/cultivated the CI discipline for 30+ years, I learned that there are zillions of angles that one can look at it from, but what is the most meaningful is always more than intellectual curiosity; it’s something existential that we can hang the information on. So, can you find something in your life that makes you interested in the “collective intelligence” discipline?

I have to run now but if you want to continue our exchange, why not open a “What is collective intelligence?” topic (or something like that) in the “Uncategorized” category. Maybe other CI-aficionados will chip in, too.

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