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Connecting the Dots

a complex system is a connection of relationships. Looking at individual data points and understanding how they relate to one another will reveal a meme. Here is an example to explain, a position on a particular topic explained to align opinions, in this case to a group of vegetarians and vegans:


This story truly blows the mind; it turns out that the ‘vegan’ meat imitations are made using soy from China.

While America’s biggest beef and pork producers were nearly laid low in April by COVID-19 cases in their workforce, sales of what detractors call “fake meat” boomed. But the pandemic may in time affect sales of plant-based protein, too, as U.S. consumers become more wary of all things China—which supplies a majority of the products’ ingredients.

China’s food-processing factories provide most of what goes into vegan burger patties and other meat replacements made by market leaders Beyond Meat and Impossible foods—an arrangement that could damage their standing among consumers in the coronavirus age.

Beyond Meat recently signed a significant deal with Shuangta Foods, located in China’s Shandong province. Shuangta will provide 85 percent of the pea protein for its products. The company said its first purchases will total some 285 tons.

At the same time, China agreed to purchase US soybeans, in fact business is booming:

So if I get this right, we are outsourcing the supply chain for these attempts to ‘reduce the carbon footprint’ products, thereby giving away the technology to China, because that helps us right now to sell soybeans so the farmers don’t get all upset. In the meantime, Brazil is burning down the Amazon because… business of ‘vegan’ products is just taking off, it will be very bigly. Look at these numbers:

Which is a big reason why the PRIME Act is so important, to provide a regulatory frame that allows State control to localize abattoirs and free the farmer from the restraints of the existing supply chain.

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Wow. Hidden unintended consequences in the supply chain.