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CyberSecurity hacks of note

Subject: Cyber Security

FireEye is a well known cyber security firm that got hacked pretty bad. They are the company that usually investigates and helps prevent attacks.

FireEye hack: Cybersecurity firm says nation-state stole attacking tools - CNET

Not so long after, FireEye detected another huge cyber attack via a Network Security tools company, SolarWinds. It is the wild west out there!!
This is a highly technical write up of SolarWinds, there are less technical articles out there too

The SolarWinds hack is much worse than even anyone is saying yet.

SolarWinds is a network tool used by most major corporations, all over the government, universities, Telecomm companies, and on an on!

Some are saying that the Google outages recently were a result of them irradiating SolarWinds out of their massive networks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google develops and open sources a replacement tool in the next month or two.