Note: OGM Forum is no longer active. This is a static snapshot as of February 2022. You can browse the site to see posts, but the functional features of the site will not work. You can search or download a zip archive of the files from the site at github/OpenGlobalMind/

Discourse New User Guide

OGM Forum doesn’t have its own copy of this post yet, so for now, please visit:

If you are able to port over that post (use the link at the bottom, and you’ll need to copy over or recreate all the images), please feel free to do so, and adapt to OGM Forum as appropriate. Thanks!

I downloaded this and am using Seamonkey to edit the webpage. Changes now are copy-edits around usage and some style nits of my own.

It is self-referential and amusing reading the definitions of “topic” and “category”, definitions I am sure the connected OGM world has opinions on.

I am thinking that posting any questions that come up regarding specific OGM discourse here is a reasonable approach?

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Questions you have, or that others have?

Can you post your version here, along with questions (and answers as appropriate)?

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Yes. Will do. Right now my first question is: do we delete the replies to that official Discourse page? I think yes is the answer. And we can answer questions that arise regarding this user guide in this group here.

Second question: I have the downloaded html page and an associated directory filled with the metafiles, mostly javascript and png images. How do we import all that stuff here?

I agree, yes.

You can post in HTML…

But you’d need to either attach the images, or link to them on the web (the latter might Just Work if you point to their images).

Not sure at all how to get JS, besides linking to it externally (ditto at maybe just linking to theirs).

post in HTML: OK.

but i’ll look at the whole web page layout. maybe we can have a local directory of the appropriate meta files? i’m not sure i want to create a set of OGM forum specific examples, but that is an option (more work).