Note: OGM Forum is no longer active. This is a static snapshot as of February 2022. You can browse the site to see posts, but the functional features of the site will not work. You can search or download a zip archive of the files from the site at github/OpenGlobalMind/

Discussions and Actions

Engage in conversations and spur/organize Actions around SUBJECTS of interest such as COVID, public health, regenerative agriculture, social justice, economics, etc.

OGM opens many huge questions. Those discussions are welcome here.

hi @Jerry
my huge question:
any huge questions allowed,
considered “ogm-y”??
we are totally open here to all “huge questions”?!
what are the metrics of hugeness?
asking for a friend … :-). cb

Thanks, Charles (and apologies for taking forever to reply).

A huge but non-OGMy question is: Is there a God?

A juicy, OGMy question is: How can we help enemies reconcile and cooperate?

Another is: What causes people to stop believing in facts? How do we fix that?

I’m not positive what the filter is, but I hope these examples help start refining criteria.