Emergent Event Sensemaking

A proto-guild is forming on mattermost around sensemaking of complicated emergent events, I think particularly where there are complex system dynamics and information overload:

We’re focusing on the GameStop short squeeze as a first exercise, but other examples might include 9/11, the 2008 mortage crash, Fukushima, COVID-19 responses, etc.

Stephan Kreutzer first proposed this in the Off-Topic channel, and he describes the idea well:

“there could be a systemic and continual approach, to quickly condense the flood of information/feeds into approximating working models for overview/navigating.”

So far the tools we are considering include:

  • static 2D diagramming / flowcharts
  • interactive system dynamics modeling, with e.g. Insight Maker

The efforts to guild-form may or may not go anywhere, we’ll see. Everybody has busy lives, and we may not actually get the spark of the idea off the ground; but, you’re welcome to join in if it sounds interesting to see where it goes.


That’s a topic of enormous interest to me. The combination of social dynamics and game mechanics in which guilds (can) operate is an appropriate way to tame conversations (among guilds).

The guilds I have in mind are those associated with role-playing games, which might be considered different from the craft guilds of the past. In an RPG guild - as I think about the topic - crafts are the skills one learns while cycling through the various role opportunities, leveling up. The overall skill I think important is the one in which one learns to separate one’s personal identity while engaging in guild craft.

John Seely Brown expressed that idea best in this video.

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I would like to sponsor a [[Quest]] for the [[Guild of Emergent Event Sensemakers]]. This quest is a [[prospecting]] quest (vs. a [[paid]] or [[volunteer]] quest)

I would like to partner with your guild to turn the insights from you first exercise into a 30 minute [[high impact presentation]] that can be deliver virtually available for an April 1 delivery.

Offer I have a potencial client engagment where this deliverable is of value and am will offer the prospect of $10k if the engagement is sold and the deliverable is successfully completed on time. I am also willing to offer up my creative team when the time is right to produce the presentation. I am also offing deliverable ownership rights outlined outlined below.

Ownership: The resulting deliverable and the content contained within will be jointly owned for use by the Guild of Emergent Event Sensemakers and the Organization Collective Next. As joint owners of use each party is free to use the deliverable in anyway they see fit in accordance to the [[OGM value system]] after a limited release period of 6mo. which will begin on April 1, 2021 and ending Nov 1, 2021 the deliverable is free to be made publically availible unless both parties multually agree to restrict distributioin prior to Nov 1, 2021.

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@saiiam, thank you for posting your proposal!

I am considering it.

I have also posted a link to it over in the EES channel in Mattermost.


absolutely psyched about this

as it emerges (lol) i’m sensing into CSC/ Flotilla/ cicolab having roles here as well

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as mentioned in a call with some here today — cicolab would love to help shape this conversation/ quest/ model

per @Jerry story about the “goose heaven“ farm

we are the GEES …


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you are a crazy guy… and I’m glad to know you.

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In order to make sense of complicated events (activities) we first need to understand what is meant by “complexity” . For activity based systems (such as the system of activities involved in a short squeeze), complexity means tight coupling between the activities. That is that there are so many inputs/outputs between the activities that we can not figure out what is going on.

In order to make sense of complex activities, we need to reduce the coupling between activities (events). This can be done by repartitioning the activities based on following the natural flow which, if done correctly, greatly reduces the inputs/outputs between activities.


@Tony that all sounds good and makes sense yet it’s so abstract
how can this be translated/ boiled down in practical terms to be actionable ?

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YES! Hands-on specifically and concretely, it is done by creating Data Flow Diagrams.

@saiiam, Thank you for that offer. That really raises, IMHO, the possibility that this concept can have legs.
In a TopicQuests adventure, I personally funded the construction of a “Conversation Widget” written in Javascript. I see it as a basis for a questing platform.