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[EXPIRED] Be a “beat reporter” for OGM Mailing List

Continuing the discussion from [sold] Be a "beat reporter" for OGM Forum:

Hi, I’d like to pitch another task following the same basic outlines as Peter’s offer, except instead of summarising the OGM forum, this job is to summarise the OGM mailing list.

Details (mostly stolen from Peter):

Hi, I hereby offer US$50 (in USD or cryptocurrency) for someone to spend 1-2 hours per week for 4 weeks to browse through the OGM Mailing List, see what’s interesting, what’s going on, what needs more discussion, possible connections between threads, etc.

Deliverables are 4 writeups, one per week, of what you’ve found and want to tell everybody, posted to OGM Forum and the OGM mailing list. I’m thinking about 500 to 1000 words, does that sound reasonable?

Please reply below with offers or questions. I’ll choose the correspondent around December 15.

Feel free to forward this personally, but consider that the reporter should be (or become) an OGM member (whatever that means).

Thanks for considering the job! :newspaper: :slight_smile: :nail_care:


i’d suggest this role — as i suppose with the Forum Beat Reporting, perhaps to a lesser degree — should cover (or at least address) veering topics and drifting subject lines… (a fascinating, thorny, often infuriating issue, to me.) which would unfortunately extend and complexify this work considerably.

I was thinking about raising the price to $100, but since I’m not actually reading the mailing list myself, that seemed a bit rash.

@peterkaminski — I wonder if the Google Group could/should be opened to non-members, similar to this forum? Visiting gives me an error message (as a non-member). Also, since you were advocating that people should stop posting there, I wonder whether that’s come to pass?

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It is perhaps not so much the amount; OGM Marketplace (even all of OGM) doesn’t have a lot of small-job job seekers.

It’s an interesting question I’ll raise with Jerry when next I talk to him. There are still conversations there, but happily (for me), the gravity is starting to shift somewhat to the forum.

Joe, I wonder if you should re-subscribe, but put the list in digest mode?

In the olden days, when I was using MH and procmail and the like, I was pretty good at slinging messages around, and could have done a quick and dirty summary out of my mail folders. Right now I’m using Fastmail, and while it’s a great mail service, the client doesn’t sling messages well at all. Maybe I should re-grow some of those muscles…

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Glad to hear!

Fair point! I guess what I’m realizing is that my concern isn’t mailing list vs forum vs Zoom calls, but a question about actions arising in any medium. In particular, if no one is going to take my $50 to do the “summary-writing job” then, in Scrum terms, I could find other ways to Sponsor that project — most straightforwardly by doing it myself.

That would resolve some aspect of a game-theoretic chicken-and-egg problem (or, perhaps it’s Chicken, hold the egg): which is: why haven’t we seen more summaries of actions arising, yet?

Anyway, a doable action would be for me to write a summary/analysis, and use it as a case study for the Peeragogy handbook. I’m not quite sure what the research ethics is of doing “participant observation” in this style, but I figure we could sort that out as we go. A typical strategy in anthropology is to make everything suitably anonymous; whereas in the Peeragogy project, we don’t do that, because the emphasis is on participation rather than observation.

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