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Following Murmurations

I’m following Murmurations – Making Movements Visible, because it seems like their work might be related to work I’ve seen, and work I want to do.

I wanted to observe that their website (which is fancy and high production value) makes it look like Murmurations is a very simple data “application” – mapping organizations, even though it says “The Murmurations protocol…”

This thread, Developing Murmurations V1 - Murmurations Forum, makes it more clear that they are working on a protocol, and that the initial “application” was not meant as anything but a prototype that sat on the protocol.

More as it unfolds…


My gut feeling / concern / something is that they’re following a path of [[Big Design Up Front]], but maybe (hopefully?) I’m wrong.

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Good thing is that Murmurations properly supports semantics by using JSON-LD, they did a decent job there technically. Don’t know nor necessarily care much about their WordPress plugin or directory, on the other hand, sure, why not pull/push? In their data I think it was mostly coops, so yeah, I don’t have data about coops and wouldn’t currently know what to use such for. In here, OGM struggled way too much with even a very simple activity/project, so don’t see how Murmurations would be of much use there if there’s no data created nor needed/wanted by pretty much anybody.

Correction: Don’t know if they changed things again since a few months ago, as long as it doesn’t get worse, simply adapting or converting, it hardly needs to be a precise, exact science anyway.

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