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Future Modeling Software

This looks interesting:

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I read through several pages on the website.

The name “Future Modeling” is intriguing.
But the one sentence description is confusing (to me). What does it mean to “create desirable futures for instant application into the future ready service and strategies”? I mean, I can construct some kind of meaning, but I honestly do not know what they are talking about. Can I learn from them and then go create un-desirable futures?

I find the website also filled with buzzwords and abstractions. It is very pretty and slick. It does not seem (from the website) to be grounded in our ongoing work of making sense of what to do, and (speaking personally) trying to just get through the day.

They may be great folk with good ideas and work practices to enable better futures for business and non-profit enterprises. This website left me more impressed with the pretty than with some insight into the substance.

here is a group that has been working on future modeling to explain the idea and process.

pw: b4y9Wr02

Useful links:

  1. For information about ParEvo:

  2. The ParEvo web app itself:

To contact the Moderator:

ParEvo is an application of Theory U; leading from the emerging future means you have to put yourself into that future and then look back from there. This is an exercise that guides a group through the process of envisioning the future, and describe what it took to get there.

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