Goodbye mailing list, hello forum

I have just unsubscribed from the OGM mailing list pursuant to @peterkaminski’s message to prefer this forum for day-to-day communication instead.

Now, I should highlight that I wonder whether it makes sense for this “Open” Global Mind forum to be password protected. That’s much less about the principle and more about a practical concern which is that the Emacs based newsreader Gnus should be able to read posts here, if there was no such login, but cannot, currently:

Regarding the mailing list: frankly, I am not interested in listening to other people’s opinions — nor do I get much pleasure out of trying to convince anyone of mine! I hope that if many people follow Pete’s advice and start posting here, the forum will (somehow) help to filter out the discussions about opinions (which I am not interested in) from the ones that support productive engagement: which I am interested in.


It’s an artifact of getting the Discourse going quickly months ago, and just not getting around to talking about making the forum publicly visible.

Thanks for the nudge! I discussed with Jerry today. After a couple of weeks of notice and discussion, we plan to make the OGM Forum contents publicly visible. (It’ll still require an invite or approval to participate and make posts, etc.)

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Pete, Oh, great, I will keep the nndiscourse plugin ticking over in the mean time.