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Hashverse & Hashbins — Sandbox

Welcome to the Hashverse Sandbox.
Brought to you by CICOLAB and You.

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[CICOLAB] Flow Show 1: The Hashverse (20200824) (6min)

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@peterkaminski and others may also go further into his Airtable version and this overall approach could be done in many ways and places.

Pre-Trello introduction by Lauren Nignon, July 2020
About hash bins

and the early (quickly abandoned in the rushing flow) attempt to index the initial hashbins:
”Hashbin Mother”

For broader context — see also,
The Wisdom Stack: Essential Elements of a Rapid Learning Network
-> Hashbins appear at the end as the most recent addition

Note, the Wisdom Stack is sorely in need of updating after many months of creative collaboratory innovation.
Comments welcome.

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Workflowy refuses to show me the hashbin page. It insists on just showing me my own stuff.

It would be well worth adding a solid explanation of hashbins here, not elsewhere.

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thank you @jackpark
we’re getting there
for now it’s in our conversations
this month making progress in articulating and evolving the concept
definitely relates to topic questing

Lauren Nignon — early explanation, July 2020

“A “hash bin” is a conceptual framework, you can just do it with post it notes. Or it can be done with really advanced technology. We’re going to do something in between and just start a hash bin with say, a simple Google doc or something like that. So hashbins, there can be many different hash bins that promote one hashtag. But they can all be different. So had their their each hashtag can have many different hash bins. But they might have different governance rules. And if you know about thousand stuff, one hashbin can start as one and then it can fork off into different hashbins. So users, we’re going to make it so they can configure the governance settings for their hashbin. And to start with, when we say configure the governance settings. What that means is that if there’s a hashtag, and basically a list of resources that can be used for that hashtag. It’s basically just a instructions on how those resources can be used to promote that hashtag. So what a hash bin does is create kind of a marketplace. So that an idea can we can connect an idea to people who have resources who want to give to that idea. And that creative people can come in and just look at the list of resources that are a possibility to promote that idea and put them together in totally creative ways.“

“ what this can do is you can kind of pass around this document, which is like passing around a hat at a church and asked for donations. So this doesn’t have to be monetary, it could be like someone has some a classroom, that’s free at night that you you could use. So someone just types in that that’s a resource that’s available in a certain location. And so people keep doing that there may be like, at the end, there may be, you know, 100 resources that people can look at. And they can put these together in creative ways and make, you know, a classroom someone is like, Oh, I’m a teacher, I’m a professor of this, I’d be happy to do that. And so people can build up things and make connections. And people who don’t have any resources can suddenly have all resources at their fingertips to promote the ideas that they want to promote. so hash bin allows a marketplace or community to grow around an idea. And so the I think, my personal opinion is that these can really add legs to an idea and that perhaps certain idea certain ideas can gather Kind of thousands of resources that are attached to them. And people can use them to produce events, movies, songs, software, projects, etc. So they can be used as like a framework that can be used. It’s very flexible, it can make a lot of things. And they can evolve over time to become what I call mimetic currencies. So these are currencies based on ideas, which I think is kind of the future of currencies. I’m the only one who thinks this, by the way, so this isn’t any widespread thing. It’s just me. Okay, so a hash verse is basically when, when a community uses a bunch of hash bins together into a framework, the ecosystem is called a hash verse. So examples I mean could be Berlin startup ecosystem or an intranet for a corporation or in the most really interesting example I think it hash burst could exist inside something like black Twitter making a more formalized community out of something that right now is kind of an informal a morphus thing. So that could I think it could make things get very very interesting once you have a lot of these hash spins interacting with each other. So you could have something like a you know, a puppet theater and think tank and oh, I don’t know like a court system like a court of The Internet, for example. And all of these entities could actually interact with each other within a hash first.”

Hey @lovolution, it seems the Trello link is broken/expired - just wanted to give you a heads up!


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thanks for the alert @Arena
perhaps it’s by invitation
email me preferred address and i can add you

here is the main cicolab repo
is that showing for you?

Mais oui! danke schön.

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