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How to lockdown Apple devices - I hope none of us need this


Here’s a post on how to lockdown your Apple devices if you personal safety is at risk. Hopefully no one here will need to do this, but we may have friends or loved ones who could benefit from this knowledge…



Stay safe!

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It’s all good advice, for anybody, but just to note, if your personal safety is at risk, having your primary smartphone with you, even if you’ve made it safer, mostly increases your risk.

It decreases risk in that you can call for help, or document what’s going on.

It increases risk because people can find out lots more about you by leveraging the data on your phone, and if they break into your phone, they can wreak havoc with your digital life.

The best mitigation for those increased risks is to not bring your primary phone into a situation where opposing actors might be tempted to try to leverage your smartphone against you.