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How to Read Academic Content Once and Remember if Forever.

I found the post linked here to be useful. Here are the first three paragraphs so you can decide if it grabs your attention:

“All of your conceptual knowledge and autobiographical memory is a collection of stories. They’re all connected, like the many URLs that together make up the worldwide web. Like the web, if a “page” in your knowledge and memory “intranet” has no other pages linked to it, then you will no longer be able to retrieve this orphan, and it ceases to be knowledge.

Your conceptual knowledge is part of a narrative by your inner voice. As you come across new opportunities to learn, you play with the new concepts and facts and talk about them with yourself using that inner voice. Subconsciously, you link them to the things that you already know, the stories you’ve already internalized.

I want to teach you how to deliberately hold this inner dialogue with yourself and do this in a manner that will make you a powerful learner by more intentionally linking your memory and knowledge together through narrative. This skill, when applied with conscious awareness, is called metacognition, thinking about your thinking . And more than simply thinking about your thinking, you must exercise self-control and make choices in how you regulate your cognition and learning.”