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Continuing the discussion from Be a "beat reporter" for OGM Forum:

I think Hypothesis is really cool, but I wonder how it might be better integrated with other tools? E.g., the “cards” that one produces when annotating something (e.g., here) could be fed into Miro, or into a visual outlining tool like Scrivener (… though I don’t have a Mac so I don’t use that one!).

Oh, since this is showing up inside the OGM Marketplace section of the site — well, at least it does on the front page — maybe it would be interesting to turn this feature request into an explicit ‘tender’. Right now it’s too vague, but maybe it’s possible to spec it out a bit further and identify a “Sponsor” who’d want to put some money behind it!

It’s actually pretty easy to integrate into other services, I’ve done it for my Not sure about whether miro’s apis allow data entry as easily. Scrivener does not have API’s so one would have to hack the data format. There is a Scrivener for Windows, now, btw.