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Inspiration for Hyper Card (Bill Atkinson)

I will be interested to see if a thread of psychedelics or plant medicine evolves in OGM…


Just a warning: because Atkinson simply took a trip and saw some stars and built HyperCard according to such inspiration doesn’t mean that this is a useful way to think and go about organizing information, nor that he’s the first or only one attempting work like this.

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Ok. Warning heeded. I wasn’t putting it forward as a best practice.

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No need to worry, there are certain authors wondering to what extend Engelbart and his team were influenced by substances. But then, he also did a lot of work long before already. :slight_smile:

Indeed. Friend John Markoff wrote What the Dormouse Said, and is way down this hypothesis.

Rob, your post made me add this link, connecting the two.

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There’s the “White Rabbit” interview series via Computer History Museum asking to what extend the counter culture and partially substance use had an influence in regard of the work of some of the early pioneers, and there’s also “Podfather” documentary by the BBC looking at some of the sources for the differences in work culture. Still, Atkinson/HyperCard likely easily is a separate story in its own right.

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