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Introduction: Bentley davis

I am passionate about making sense of the onslaught of information we receive and taking effective collective action.

A project that might be interesting to this group is building mass agreement with Reason Score and Gulli Bot

  • You can see my current projects and all my social media links
  • I live in Dallas Texas USA
  • I like to prototype other people’s passions and build my own startups. I am a contract app/web developer (full stack)
  • My LinkedIn is bntlyd
  • My connection to OGM is I have been following Jerry on YouTube for many years and jumped when he introduced OGM.
  • What part interests you most? How can we have a shared assessment of reality we make collective decisions and actions. I also like build experimental tools.
  • My superpowers are seeing elegant patters and expressing them to others in a way they can (often) understand. I can also implement those patterns in code and user interfaces.

Bentley, did we connect some time ago and I reviewed Reason Score as it was developing? It looks so familiar. Oh, it now looks awesome! I look forward to using it with a group on something, anything!!!

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Yes, I think we did discuss it in the past. This is a new version over the past few months. I’m glad to hear you like it so far. It’s best used to find agreement on a contentious action. This group seems too polite to have a contentious debate but maybe we can find something.

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I’m always willing to throw in a brick!

We are just getting to know each other :slight_smile: