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Introduction: Hank Nelson

  • Where on the globe are you? Moving soon to Boston, MA
  • What is your main gig? Solution Design Partner at Collective Next (
  • LinkedIn link: (it’s a little outdated)
  • What is your connection to OGM? What part interests you most? I met Jerry back in March and the rest is history! I like that OGM provides a place for people who to think, learn, and grow. I just find it so thrilling that the conversations can go from philosophy to somatics to education within 5 minutes. I’m most interested in exploring my own passions and interests alongside others doing the same. Something good has to come out of that.
  • What are your superpowers? Personally, I’m still figuring that out. I am a deep thinker, good listener, and do things very intentionally. I think that leads to a simple faith in success that I can tap into. I can get enthusiastic about almost anything (within moral boundaries, of course). f you have an idea you want to pursue and you really believe in it, I will do everything I can to make that happen. I try to always look at things from multiple perspectives and have little patience for willful ignorance. To speak tactically, I have a lot of experience designing user flows, developing business cases, coordinating global teams, and the business side of software delivery. As such, I have written my fair share of compelling feature narratives to illustrate the importance of moving a pop-up window :slightly_smiling_face: (though I’ve done some more exciting things too).

Howdy, Hank! :slight_smile: