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Introduction: skreutzer

  1. Where on the globe are you?

  2. What is your main gig?
    I’m full-time employed at a dayjob (translates to a shortage when it comes to volunteering time/capacity for OGM, but also to no financial interest).

  3. LinkedIn link?
    Not on LinkedIn.

  4. What is your connection to OGM?
    Tried for a long time to find + join groups or individuals who want to do practical, technical work of the kind mentioned in the OGM meetings, which never worked out for various interesting reasons, and now I hope this has a better chance.

  5. What part interests you most?
    Usually I’m doing basic work around text, publishing, hypertext, media and hypermedia as pioneered by Douglas Engelbart, Ted Nelson and a long list of other people, but here I may get more into data and “hyper-data”. Collecting, organizing, curating and augmenting the records/recordings of an online collaboration/conversation group is a frequent topic of discussion, and I would like to start many open, small-scale, transparent, non-competing, non-intrusive, quick, cheap, experimental, practical projects for/on/with ideally libre-freely licensed data/media (or at least open or public), building small, custom libre-freely licensed software tools, potentially also developing some practices/methodologies/processes as wanted/needed. I’m also more recently considering to eventually build an universal “data manager/browser” of my own around the notion of multidimensionality, and therefore are looking for multidimensional example data, of which there doesn’t seem to be much out there, so why not simply produce some? I’m not necessarily that much into liberating/exporting Jerry’s brain or the typical mind-graphing, but more about neutral data/tool services for supporting collaboration activities hopefully for/at scale, hopefully updating many brains at a time. Also doing some of this anyway, to some extend outside and beyond OGM.

  6. What are your superpowers?
    Bootstrapping, semantics (technical), a certain style of automatization workflows, editing (almost philological), applying system theory + cybernetics for analyzing and/or designing/implementing systems in order to deal with complexity, maybe?

  7. Other:


Welcome, Stephan! It’s good to see you here!

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Welcome, Stephan! Thank you for sharing.

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You guys have to post intros of yourselves too, or copy them from an earlier place :slight_smile:


@skreutzer are you calling me out!?
Jk I do need to post one and hope to do so by the end of the day.

No, not specifically, more jokingly :slight_smile: I guess posting an intro is entirely voluntary. Another option open to anyone is to pick up who people are from the recordings of the meetings, or potentially from the lists which exist. Or looking in the forum profile, or even searching on the Web.

(Admittedly, I don’t want to be the only one who posted one! And I’m always curious to learn who everybody is, what their interests and experiences are, how these relate to this OGM context.)

Haha no no I understand. I will be posting one! It is easier than digging through the videos.

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Could it be that I can’t edit any more? Maybe because there’s replies and the idea is to not change the original text the replies were made to (and how would that make sense, as Discourse has version control for the posts anyway)? Only wanted to change the question headers to bold, as others have done in their intro posts. Could be that I simply fail to find the edit button :slight_smile:

@skreutzer, sorry, growing pains.

We had the default setting of 24 hours for users in Trust Levels 0 and 1. I have changed it to the max value of 7 days.

A different, or additional, fix would to bump your Trust Level to 2, which might be better or not, but if to do that we’d need a larger discussion with more people, so I did not do that yet.

We’re in a weird state where we’re mostly reasonably sophisticated users, but set to low Trust Levels as Discourse users normally are when they join. As we learn the space, each person’s Trust Level will naturally increase, and growing pains should go away.

FYI, the default value for Trust Level 2+ users is 30 days.

Usually I tend to edit and update to some extend, but not that urgent/important here necessarily, just important to check if it’s set up, configured, deliberately, intentionally so, or instead some default, which otherwise could go unnoticed for a long time.

Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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