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Introduction to Music Theory (notes, intervals, scales, chords)

YouTube culture – and thoughtful, well-organized, well-spoken experts – have given us amazing educational resources. This forum topic will focus on the fundamentals of music theory, which can be – has been – a thorny, difficult subject to approach.

But really, it’s fun!

Here are a couple very good “Music Theory 101” suggestions, each running ~30 minutes.

And Music Theory 201 suggestions:


Great subject! I love Jacob Collier’s videos. His theory fluency makes me want to learn this because he has such fun with it. I never got over the hump. I can hum any tune, but I don’t know the notes or why they work together.

My favorite Collier video, where he attempts to express a semi-randomized list of 18 emotions that change in real time. Then he discusses why he did what he did.

wild lecture series, bernstein at harvard, i’ve barely dipped into