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Introductions — George Pór

Where on the globe are you?

In Brighton, a beautiful seaside town 1-hr from London. Originally from Budapest, and spent 20 yrs in California. I came here because regarding the culture and nature in Europe, (next to Barcelona) Brighton comes the closest to Santa Cruz, my fave ol’ stomping ground.

What is your main gig?

presently, it’s SymmaSys, a project of Future HOW, which will use my Generative Action Research methodology that I wrote about here and will be conducted, hopefully, in collaboration with the Hashverse of CICOlab.

LinkedIn link?

What is your connection to OGM?

in one word: Jerry

in a few more words, from my “global mind” researcher side: the “Designing for the Emergence of a Global-scale Collective Intelligence” paper that I presented at a conference in 2001

in a few more words, from my “social acupuncturist” side: the possibility to use my gifts for helping to unblock whatever prevents the energy flow more freely in the social body of OGM

in a few more words, from my “future chronicler” side: what I wrote about in my OGM2025 story

What part interests you most?

definitely, the enfolded/implicate part, in David Bohm’s sense

What are your superpowers?

being an evolutionary sherpa (see below)

excellent !! we hope so tooo !!!

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@lovolution, I’d like to open a forum topic for MindLinkingMORPH, where we could start collaborating on it. Any advice regarding which category to put it in?

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aeons ago for half a year i did overnights at KUSP-FM, when i lived in Seaside
‘Dig the Tones’

@Technoshaman, I would suggest either of these:


Thanks, Pete! both are good candidates to host the topic. Will reflect a bit more and put it in one of them, next week.

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Hashverse & Hashbins — Sandbox is the active Topic

EDIT: Moved to ‘Designing the System’, kept original post as signpost (open to removing if preferred)

FYI I made a new topic within the Action Now category