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Introductions: Peter Kaminski, Kevin Jones

Hello! I am Peter Kaminski. Informally, I call myself Pete.

I have a calling to help people of good intent work together to accomplish what they believe to be important. I value knowledge, wisdom, kindness, harmony, wholeness, and gratitude for all living beings. I believe that helping one helps us all, and hurting one hurts us all.

I hope my work on the projects here: helps others work together better; helps others help themselves to accomplish what they believe to be important; creates more knowledge and especially more connections between people; helps heal the world and its beings; furthers my work with personal and collective information spaces; helps me create more artifacts for teaching others about collaboration; and helps me grow my network of friends and colleagues.

Along with personal and collective information spaces, a couple more personal interests that may align: alternative economies; “the matchmaker problem” (as I call it: how might people who have and need things find each other); preparing the world to work together better locally and globally in a changing climate; and intentional communities, and how they sustain and grow and think and remember.

In my professional life, I am a startup entrepreneur and consultant to businesses and nonprofits/NGOs. I do both software product development/deployment, and coaching on collaboration process. I’ve worked on the Internet since 1992, and with computers since 1977.

In my personal life, I am married to the same wonderful woman for 35+ years. We have two grown kids who were unschooled until university. I enjoy travel, the outdoors, genealogy/family history, photography, music production, and indoor rock climbing.

I’ve lived in the United States, in western Nevada, the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and Washington DC. We currently reside in San Diego.

I have LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, feel free to find me, but I don’t interact much there.

Other digital places:


Introductions. Couldn’t figure out how to make a new one. So I am replying and hope this works. Kevin Jones. I am an eight time successful serial entrepreneur, mostly in media, events, and data. I am pretty good at being early in something that will end up big. I think of it as being on the right block when the people get off the bus to sell my hotdogs.

I am in Swannanoa, North Carolina, living on a farm with grandsons and children on the farm and next door.
I met Jerry a long time ago and used to go to these things called retreats, which were great.
I am working on several projects related to creating an economy of interdependence, including a church based credit union node network with a black church in Allentown PA and a credit union based in the Mississippi Delta. Other projects are similar; providing capital to people who don’t typically get it and definancializing assets through local small business equity funds and neighbors investing in neighbors houses, without interest. I take pictures in the woods and rivers and streams around me.


@Kevindoylejones, that sounds very forward looking! Could you expand a little bit more on the kind of media and data entrepreurnistic activities, of what nature/kind they were/are? Also, it reads as if you’re not massively busy with them at the moment and focus is on a whole range of cutting-edge domains, or is that an inaccurate impression?

I am actively engaged with two of the three.
We owned weekly newspapers, business journals, the first web based legislative monitoring service, we defined the space of internet b2b marketplaces back in the dot com and sold at a good time. We created the largest impact investing and social enterprise conference called SOCAP and sold it. The two projects don’t have urls yet but the new work comes under reimagining God’s economy.

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I’ve known Pete a long time, but not long enuf. Here’s how I memorialize him in my Brain.

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Ditto with Kevin :slight_smile:

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