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Invitation to Collaborate on OGM Network Map

Hello all,

Quite a few people have mentioned that they would like to know where everyone is, what their interests are, superpowers, etc. While this information will exist in our “Introductions” page, that information could get buried. I’d love to see if we could build our own! I’ve got some ideas bouncing around in my head that I will put into some Google documents to share with those interested. I’d love to discuss the feasibility of the idea, whether it would be scalable, etc.

Sounds good to me.

Dumb q: would a Gdoc be better than a post here? (Note that you edit and re-edit a post, if you like.)

(Edit to add: posts stop being editable after a time limit, although there are ways to make exceptions for a post that is a living document.)

@peterkaminski good to know that these have time limits for editing. Yes, I do think that a GDoc would be better than a post here. Will create one and post.

Sounds good! :slight_smile:

The following project might provide some things you could recycle…

jumping in the pool late to the party … looks like this thread ran aground ? or @bhnelson is this doc somewhere else ? cheers, cb

this one also is a relevant model, facilitated by SumApp

circling back, did this happen?