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Invitation: Write and distribute a weekly newsletter of what happened in the online collaboration/conversation space

There are many online conversation groups, and to a lesser extend a few who practically collaborate on some project work. This project is about observing what went on with them and briefly summarize such on a weekly basis in order to distribute the compiled result. No particular expectations/obligations for this early experiment, just to get started with the practice/offer.


I think I have to put this invitation on hold personally, because this proposal was mostly a pivot/“replacement”/alternative to the other earlier suggestions, but now as the latter might gain traction, I likely won’t have the capacity to entertain all of them in parallel myself. Still, somebody else could volunteer to pick it up, I’ll try to support it if wanted and where it makes sense.

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Hi @skreutzer, since something similar is under way (for some months now!) led by you and Charlie Danoff under the Peeragogy label, maybe we should look into broadening the contributor pool for that effort. We could potentially expand both the capacity and impact of this small WG.

In a chat with @lovolution a while ago I suggested that the CoEvolution Quarterly could be a good model to aim for, ultimately. @Jerry mentioned that he knows some of the principals of that earlier well-reputed effort. Obviously we wouldn’t get to that level straight away.

The more immediate question is what needs weekly or monthly “wraps” could serve for OGM. @lovolution was selected as the “beat reporter” for OGM so he may have a vision for where he wants that to go in the near term.

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For two weeks, I tried for myself to do this with a more expanded variant of the Peeragogy Wrap generator(s), (it’s a pivot! :slight_smile: eventually finally technically based on NCX lists, maybe towards an Engelbartian “Journal” or document management system in general), with results here and here (HTML, EPUB, but not PDF, still have to work on that, don’t want to use/“steal” Peeragogy/Tufte layout).

Obviously way too verbose/detailed, a short summary/snippet/wrap per week or a monthly update/digest (in whatever form, newsletter, dashboard, RSS feed, app) would be much more convenient. But worth the experiment to improve some of the generator “tech”/workflow, and get a feel for how the content and its production might work. No idea about its consumption though :slight_smile:

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see also on the topic,

as i wrote at CSC:

thanks to @holtzermann17 for reminding of our convo re: co-evolution quarterly.
i’m also feeling into “sensemaking” and what it encompasses inherently, implicitly. which is story. “sense” is story, at whatever scale. “story” includes signs, signals, transmission and reception. imbued, laden with “meaning” in scientific and practical as well as energetic and ethereal terms.

“sense” is noun, verb.
“sensible” (mistaken commonly for non native english speakers as “sensitive”) is… good, in most contexts but not all.

is “sensemaking” enough? as an “ogm-y value” potentially? does it hold the actionable capacity of doing good/better in the world, for all life? perhaps not in its pure form, in common parlance among the uncommon tribes who are into it, or think they are, or are into part of it but not the mantle, the responsibility ? hmm. there’s a lot that’s “understood”, we think, but not stated outright.

what’s the sense in sensemaking without a wise mission, vision, methodology?

can we together bring the “making” part of wise sensemaking into living, embodied being?
can we consider and effect its “scalability” in increasingly creative and innovative ways?

these are the topics i would cover in such an endeavor.

many thanks to @skreutzer for holding this space and driving the conversation.

I guess to the extent that people post interesting things here on the Forum, that will make your job both more interesting, and harder. If we got to a point where more staff is needed then that’ll be a milestone!