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Is topic-oriented "sensemaking" going to happen on this site?

I was anticipating / hoping that there would be content areas on this site where people could post (credible) sources of information (specific reports, data sites, white papers, etc.) and others may have comments about the validity or context of the data or information. Possible Sub-Categories of: COVID Statistics, COVID vaccines, Climate Change, Soil and Agriculture, and Other Online Communities come to mind. Or more broadly Space, Electric Cars, Alternative Energy, Bitcoin, Spiritual matters, etc. (the first list being topics i have already seen, the latter list topics I have not seen yet).

Is that envisioned for this site? If it is, in what section?

I am using the work sensemaking loosely, thus I put it in quotes.


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also interested in exploring, mapping, filtering out and weaving the various threads of sensemaking these topics, themes… simplifying complexity

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