Note: OGM Forum is no longer active. This is a static snapshot as of February 2022. You can browse the site to see posts, but the functional features of the site will not work. You can search or download a zip archive of the files from the site at github/OpenGlobalMind/

Logseq — populated with demo content

BTW: @anderbill and @peterkaminski

Lere’s what Logseq looks like after I imported the Peeragogy Handbook contents.

This is just one repo: I can imagine for bigger projects (10000’s of nodes) we would want to break it across multiple repositories, and probably invest in some more data intensive tooling. I’m not sure where things are “at” with the Free Jerry’s Brain effort but this gives a taste of something that seems directly usable now by both “technical” and “nontechnical” users who are willing to spend a few minutes learning. Of course, many technical improvements would be possible later.

If people would like to join in on the Peeragogy site as coauthors, or just for a tour, that could be arranged!

BTW also, Logseq is now directly interoperable with Org Roam in emacs, after a simple bugfix and corresponding change to the config file.

So this means that Emacs-enabled Editors can comfortably do all the things that Logseq makes possible for those webwise inclined.


FJB is “at” these tools, each of which is not super fancy:

  • MemeBrane, a simple thought-by-thought web-based navigator, displays the current thought and its linked thoughts;
  • TiddlyBrain, export a subset of thoughts to a TiddlyWiki (which can have TiddlyMap installed, but at least for the current version of TiddlyBrain, TiddlyMap draws an edge per link, so all thoughts ended up with two lines between them, for the link in each direction, and it got messy);
  • SiteBrane, export a subset of thoughts to the Pelican static site generator, to create a static microsite.
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If there’s a small amount of sample content from the Brain and your existing downstream formats, it’d be interested to see what it looks like in this context.

What seems most missing to me personally in the Org (and friends) ecosystem is labeled edges. But I don’t remember whether The Brain uses them, anyway! And, custom edge-types can be added in Org, they just aren’t integrated with the Org Roam graphing tools; though, were that done, we’d have a nice semantic network editor.

BTW should Org Roam itself be interesting, here’s info on some talks upcoming 28th/29th of November 2020:

@anderbill — I’d suggest to paste the images you posted here into a new bug report on the Logseq github repository. Any context you could supply would be helpful I’m sure! However, I’m not sure what the relevant clues might be. Operating system? Browser difference? Phase of the moon unlikely but…?

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