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Maybe OGM is a budding "Network City"

Balaji describes a new form of country emerging. An example that made me think…

Amazon and some other companies have power to negotiate with existing localities to negotiate rules and exceptions (no taxes, special treatment). What if 1000 or 10,000 people formed a consortium with governance and expectations and committed resources (likely crypto currency in a smart contract), could they negotiate new rules too. Could this evolve into being new “countries” (using quotes as they would be something else not in existence yet).

I am totally butchering this, but hopefully you get the idea. From this podcast episode…

Bankless: 41 - Crypto-Civilization | Balaji Srinivasan (

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Listened to Balaji on another webinar, he says starting a digital first city is more approachable.

Here is his methodology:

Approach to build a digital-first city:

  • Build a community in the cloud (sense of purpose)
  • Organize economy around remote work
  • Enforce laws with smart contracts
  • practice in-person norms of civility
  • Simulate architecture in VR
  • crowdfund territory
  • Materialize city into real world
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