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News filtering tools / Independent Journalism

I am always looking for tools to bring forward independent sources of news and journalism.

Kinzen was an end user app, but they are shifting to be a publisher oriented tool.

Civil is/was an online platform for independent journalism, that now is going under the blockchain company ConsenSys.

Maybe not such a good sign that my two examples have both pivoted out of their initial spaces.

I want to keep this post on Tools, but we should start a discussion on how to increase the Demand for independent news, how to fund it, and one or more frameworks for describing sources (I am trying not to use the word “evaluating” or other judgement based words).

I may have other news sources and tools in my Brain, will look later. Open for other examples to be posted.


Could you post more details in what you see being the core features of the tool you are looking for? Maybe a link to those examples in the WayBack machine from when those tools represented what you wanted? Like this one from Kinzen in Jan 2019.
It seems like Patreon and a blog might be a good combination for independent journalism to happen although it’s not good for discovery and promotion.

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Tools would be an aggregator (which is what Kinzen was). They curated 100’s of sources. I don’t know if I have a definition of “independent”, but smaller scale, local journalism. Not controlled/owned by major media companies.

Being able to follow topics, discover new sources.

I used “newsreaders (RSS)” way back but thinking more of a destination website with a mobile app also.

A couple I have tagged are [warning: some of these may be considered “fringe” - on that note, I think we all need to be aware of what is being put out and make our own judgements]:

(this is about conflict around the world)