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OGM as a Complex Adaptive Social Systems

If we design it well, i.e. for fulfilling its highest potential, then OGM will become a large-scale Complex Adaptive Social Systems (CASS).

A CASS is sharing the features of other Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and also differs from them. Given that, wouldn’t be it be useful considering, early in the design process:

If the answer to my question is yes, and such considerations are deemed useful, then who would have the appetite to inquire into them with me?

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absolutely!! i’m in


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cool!! ~ let’s wait a week or so to see who else may fancy this action inquiry…

it sounds amazing, I’m in. Hopefully able to overcome my solutionist’s bend

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timely message from the EAT organization:

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Yes! Did anybody map what other systems need to be also “fixed” to redesign the food system?

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here is an outline, an improvement that would still require the next level of detail to become actionable:

I mentioned earlier that the SDGs lack the level of specificity that would be required to make them actionable, in other words to operationalize them. It would be interesting to map out a future state of the food business that is in compliance with the SDGs. If I am right in saying that the system must decentralize to become fully regenerative, the impacts on the industry would be profound.

My thinking is informed by this paper Donella Meadow wrote. My interpretation for the numbering system she used is that of an inverted pyramid, where each layer has as its mission to uphold the rest. That means each layer speaks its own language, with more layers within, as defined in Spiral Dynamics.

My project background has a surprising analogy. Bringing a project from ideation to completion requires the same kind of phasing approach as is needed here.

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You sure are right. Unfortunately, being right is not enough. The logic of the centralizing capital accumulation of the dominant economic system will remain the defining force until the commons transition kicks into higher gear.

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good, right, so let’s make it happen!

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Whenever I want to make something happen, ecosystemic thinking helps me, first, to look around and ask how is it already happening, i.e. who are the ones already working on it?

For example, regarding decentralized economy, I found an amazing ecosystem mapped here:

Real Economy Lab

“The Real Economy Lab provides an interactive platform where the cumulative knowledge, aims, and resources of the new economy movement can be drawn together in order to seek common ground and drive coordinated action”

explore the links between people, organizations, issues, ideas and their surrounding contexts

orient and mobilize towards common values, objectives, and mutual understanding

create the conditions for collective awareness and collaborative action

When I discover kindred-spirited groups (including OGM) like this, my next question is given my talents and resources, how can I amplify the impact of their work on human/social emancipation?

In the case of the Real Economy Lab, as in the case of your work, or OGM itself, the answer has to with my potential contribution to creating better conditions for collective awareness and collaborative action, by Linking Personal & Collective Knowledge Ecosystems for Nurturing Systemic Wisdom. That will be the third stage in a multi-year learning expedition pointed to here.

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in other words… a “Mama CASS”… :stuck_out_tongue:

In my tribe, sometimes we talked about Mother Earth as the Mama, so Mama CASS is a perfectly fitting metaphor besides being a good singer and showwoman…

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I am creating activity diagrams on what OGM does. I seek feedback. I have heard that the high-level goal of OGM is to solve the worlds major problems.

Agree? What is the approach?

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@Tony would love to check out your diagrams !!


I was not able to get the information needed to create the diagrams.

Tony Markatos

pls come over to CSC and help energize the mapping interest and emerging activity @Tony