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Organizational infrastructures and affiliations Rolodex

Hi, could we make a little map of “Who’s Who” and where they are based? This would be useful for figuring out possible team-ups around grants.

E.g. my professional affiliation data would look like this:

  1. Joe Corneli (UK)
  2. Research Fellow, Ethical AI Institute, Oxford Brookes University
  3. Director, Hyperreal Enterprises Ltd
  4. Co-Director, Ltd., 501© 3
  5. Editor, Peeragogy Project

Briefly I’m interested in grants related to AI, CI, sensemaking, knowledge management, open source and such. Prior publications:

@Arena’s Catalist + CICoLab’s initiative to gather such data about grant application opportunities and support/streamline grant application activities?

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Using @holtzermann17 's template, my data looks like this:

George Pór (UK)

Founder, Dir. of Research, Future HOW, Center of Action Research for Evolutionary Emergence

President of Campus Co-Evolve, a virtual university for evolutionary agents

Founder, Enlivening Edge media hub for amplifying the evolution of organizations and social systems

I’m interested in grants related to:
Collective Intelligence
AI-Enhanced Collective Intelligence
Knowledge Ecology
Transformative Education
Action Research for Transformation

Select publications are listed at

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There is a template for OGM introductions here: About the Introductions category

Are you asking for information only if people are in the “grant world”?

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Hm… I’m sure I ignored that! But, I think this organizational view is indeed different and parallax producing relative to that individual-introdution view.

That was indeed the main thing on my mind! But there could be other interesting organizational infrastructure issues (e.g., arranging other kinds of teamups, TBD).

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