"Project Management MBA" (Wiley ebooks on sale)

Another book sale, this time on a bundle of up to 18 professional project management ebooks. They are in ePub and PDF format with no DRM (I believe), not native Kindle format.

$15 (retail price $675) for 18 project management books published by Wiley

Offer ends on January 31.

They’re all at least middlin’ good project management books, and some are good or good+. They cover two gamuts; one from simple to complex, and another from informal-ish to formal.

They can be read easily with a PDF or ePub reader on a computer.

You can copy a PDF or ePub to Kindle, but for PDF, the text may be end up very tiny; for converted ePub or PDF, there will probably be some formatting/layout issues. You’ll have an extra step of sending them from your computer to Amazon for your Kindle.

Pro tips:

  1. Choose the $1, $8, or $15 tier. I think there is enough value at $15 to warrant that tier if you’re interested in project management, and want to read up on it.

  2. You don’t need to spend more than $15, even though they invite you to.

  3. Skip the big orange “ADD TO CART” button for “You qualify for 10% off your first month of Humble Choice! Sign up for $17.99”. (Unless you really want to purchase it.

  4. Feel free to play with the sliders after clicking “Choose where your money goes”.

  5. If you want to move the books to Kindle, I recommend either the PC or Mac “From your desktop” app at https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle. For PDF, go to Options and try both on and off for “Convert PDF documents to Kindle format”. For ePub, rename the file to end in “.PNG” before uploading it. In either case, you won’t get all the cool native features of a Kindle ebook, because they’re not native Kindle books.

  6. If you purchase, Humble Bundle will continue to re-market games and book bundles to you, but they’re not too bad, and of course, you can unsubscribe.


  1. I apologize, this is a bass-ackward way of bring up the subject of project management. But the sale is time-limited, and presents a good value if even just a couple of the books are useful to you, so I’m posting it now.

  2. Let’s discuss project management more some other time, some other way? I have a ton of professional experience and thought about the topic, and I’d like to teach/learn/coach more.

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