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Simple comics-style bubble messages via gestures for video call


Very smart. And these are hand signs we already have been using. Maybe in the world of distance working and playing American Sign Language can be a valuable skill.

Audio/video is overrated (a thing for people of the phone age). You could do away with the guy entirely and have him click a button, and show an aggregated result of hundreds and thousands who are participating, be it polling at a real-time event or why even that, asynchronously for coordination/sensemaking on a massive scale. No difference with people playing politics or trying to game the exercise, other than with video-ident, they maybe feel more accountable and less able to hide in an anonymous crowd. The medium certainly encourages the one thing or the other, but then, also depends on the intentions and conduct of the participants, regardless of the medium.

Cameron, I Can’t click on that link. Could you drop it in an email or something? thx.

The affordance reduces the need to look to the interface, find the hand raise button, etc. Cool.

And it would be a very interesting conversation to suss out why some people prefer audio, video, not-audio-video and some data around the impact in group success. We still seem to design and develop from our own personal preferences (raising hand acknowledging this!)