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Some readings about capitalism (and maybe more?)

I just finished reading “The Culture of the New Capitalism” by Richard Sennett. Published in 2006 it provided me with a new way of thinking about the current state of working and about politics. This set of lectures ends with an assessment of “… three critical values – narrative, usefulness, and craftsmanship” that Sennett believes can create a needed “cultural anchor”. These notions seem to be germane to many of the ongoing OGM conversations.

[I will put a bit more in this post about the key threads of Sennett’s argument in the next several days. (Who needs Roam when one has OGM discourse? </joke>)]

it would be interesting to better understand what he means by value structure, maybe one level down the ladder. How does empathy come into play, as an example? Where would that show up in the value structure that forms the lens through which we see?

thanks for the question. I agree. I’ll try to put that in the wiki post next.