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(Somewhat) similar and/or related to OGM (initiatives, approaches, movements, etc.)

Game ~B / GameB / Game B (2018 - )

Sensemaking Web (2019 -)

Noosphere (2020 -)

Linkybrains / Linky Brains (2018 - inactive)

School of The Possible (2018 - ?)

Initiated by Dave Gray

School of the Possible purpose.

Our goal is to give everyone on the planet the choice to participate in building the platform that will support and enable their future instead of sitting on the sidelines. To create the future we want instead of just drifting along and seeing what happens.


Hi @tovissy

I start a Miro board (still not fleshed out) that tries to focus on the relationships between OGM and other orgs.

The Organizational infrastructures and affiliations Rolodex page could also be another resource for finding cross-linking people (but folks haven’t yet been updating that).

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Launch of “The Atlas of the Human Planet 2020"

From: EHRLICH Daniele
Subject: Launch of “The Atlas of the Human Planet 2020 – Open Geoinformation for Research, Policy, and Action" January 21, 2021, 3pm
Date: 14 January 2021 at 14:18:21 CET
To: EHRLICH Daniele

The Human Planet Initiative is proud to announce the launch of the Atlas of the Human Planet 2020. This edition collects 100 case studies that use Global Human Settlement Layer data sets in thematic areas of Disaster Risk Management, Urbanisation, Development, Environment and Sustainability.

The virtual launch event takes place on January 21, 2021, 3pm and it will feature presentations delivered by authors of the showcases.

Find out more at

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