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Storythreading - At least a place to store some links or ideas for now

I looked around for a Storythreading thread, but found none. There is an event tomorrow that may be of interest, so starting a thread at least to share resources for the time being.

The Online Learning Series, hosted by the IFVP continues on August 18 with Anthony Weeks, from San Francisco, USA!

During this episode Anthony Weeks will explore the role of the listener in visual practice.

Specifically, Anthony will invite us to talk and listen together about:

  • How do we bring our whole selves to our listening practice while not making it all about us?

  • How do we test our listening practices to see which of our own stories, past experiences, biases, and filters influence our abilities to listen to stories that are not our own?

  • What does “ethical listening” mean? Why does it matter?

  • How do our positions in the room/online/in relation to participants/in our communities/in the world affect the ways in which we listen?

  • Why is listening important in visual practice? It’s all about how things look, right? If that’s not true, why are we so impressed by it/worried about the aesthetics?

WHEN: August 18 2020 at 7:30 AM US Pacific Time

Please use the following Time Converter if you have doubts about the right time of this session where you are:

Register in advance for this meeting here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

This on-line session is OPEN and FREE to all. It will be recorded and available to ONLY IFVP members on

Join us at IFVP here:

There is a Google Doc (draft?) about StoryThreading somewhere, but I don’t know who has access to it, based on which grounds and for what purpose - which effectively turns your thread on Discourse here into the official open discussion thread for that topic :slight_smile: At the same time, this Discourse isn’t public either.

Here is the doc

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It’s invitation-only or requires at least a Google account and being logged in. Maybe the Google doc could link to this thread as well?

@Jerry what are your intentions around privacy on this?

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding: I personally don’t mind that much, just it always has some implications to whether or not it’s shareable/linkable to a wider audience or potentially interested folk, if it can go onto our project list/app/feed or not, etc. But regardless of access permissions, the Storythreading team is probably well on the way working on it. +1, Thumbs up! Another practical Action! activity.