Note: OGM Forum is no longer active. This is a static snapshot as of February 2022. You can browse the site to see posts, but the functional features of the site will not work. You can search or download a zip archive of the files from the site at github/OpenGlobalMind/

The colour scheme of this site could be improved

Its hard for me to distinguish regular text from the hyperlinks.

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Jerry and I literally picked the first theme that looked okay from the little thumbnail (which probably didn’t even have links), and moved on to other setup tasks.

Want to get on zoom with me and go through the preset themes (and/or hack a theme) a little with me?

Oops! I missed this at the time you sent it! (The downside of a more aynch medium :stuck_out_tongue: )

I can hop on a zoom call at almost any time still tonight or tomorrow… though, I think fixing this should be fairly easy just by trying one of the other default themes and seeing which have more contrast between the plain text and hyperlinks…

To make this fix you can just go to and go through the setup wizard again, it will have retained all the existing configurations, and so you can just skip straight to choosing the theme. Actually, maybe you can skip straight to and choose one of these:

Aye, it’s technically easy, but I am looking to share blame (or credit, lol) for the new choice. :wink:

We’re now switched to a theme with better contrast. Thanks, Robert!

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Can you add the OGM logo some where?

Yes, there is a place to add a logo. Are those files shared somewhere already? @peterkaminski @Jerry

There is a place to add it in the process where I changed the colour scheme. One for just a logo, ideally square, and another for the logo plus to text. Does OGM have a preferred font?

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I saw it in the google group prior to the setup of Discourse. It was rectangular with the letter OGM being clear with an image inside the letters…

We also need favicons – small for web, big for mobile. Sizes are somewhere in the Discourse settings, I think.

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I actually customized the favicon, opting for an enso (open circle).

Rob, thanks for posting the logo; not sure we have a small one for the header here yet. Will consult with the Collective Next folks…

Pete and Robert, thank you for improving the theme!