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What is OGM? (suggested post)

I watched some of the intro videos from Jerry. I think it would be helpful here to have a mission statement or a text description of what OGM is (many things) and what it is not. As a new joiner to this forum (but a Jerry patreon), I was looking for a foundation post to get me started.

EDIT: I joined after the Google group discussions, so it maybe be porting some of the content here.


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Rob, I agree. I’ve been here for a while and I don’t think I could express the intent of OGM in a clear concise statement.

I thought it might help to review the Open Global Mind first introduction call. Here is a link to the start of the discussion (skipping the check-in)

From that I got:

Improve conversation, discourse, sense-making and coordination to handle today’s bug issues


  • Experiment with processes and tools to improve the above
  • Develop a shared collaborative memory
  • Other…
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I also suggest reviewing the home page

Open Global Mind is a project to build communities and platforms that will help us make sense of the world – together.

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Yes, that is where I watched some (not all) of Jerry’s videos. I am on board, i think looking to explore the next level of definition. Hopefully my suggestion in the original post came off positive.

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This is the playlist of recordings from the weekly meetings (and a few other related clips). Maybe they might be some media curation, summarization, extraction/mining, sensemaking, mapping etc. for these eventually as well, but not entirely sure yet.


Thanks… i could have been more clear in my OP – i was not on any of those calls. I have been on a few of Jerry’s other calls but not this series, so I am joining after some of the initial storming. I am going through some of the videos now, but my suggestion is for future joiners.

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Rob - thanks for getting this thread started. In someways you stumbled upon The Question and we have just begun to wrestle with it. OGM is what will ultimately emerge out of the primordial soup we find ourself swimming through right now. Attached is an early sketch of how I have being trying to make sense of the new reality we are trying to create. I hope this helps to provide some additional shape and I invite others to create other conceptual architectures that help to align our understand of what this effort might become.


Nice, I have always aspired to sketch noting (if that is what you call it)!

I am now starting to appreciate that each participant is going to have a different goal or picture of what OGM is, and that is all right! If you lay all the pictures over each other, there is a common core.

One of the posts, maybe in the Google Group, talked about the Soverign Individual, and expanding from there. In many aspects of my life, I think along those lines:

What actions can i take to “improve” my:

  • Individual Health, Spirituality, Calling, Use of Resources
  • My Family (immediate and then extended)
  • My many tribes (in person and more online)
  • my community (neighborhood, town, county?, state?)
  • My country (how do i want my country to show leadership yet humility in taking on the problems)
  • the world (ecosystems, environment, resources, etc)

I am still maturing my thoughts…

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I like the picture!!!

Yes, I think I didn’t read your initial post thoroughly. You are looking for something longer than just a slogan but shorter than watch these 20 videos. I agree it would be good to do a vision then mission statement and then maybe Values? I’m not sure if there is a term for what OGM “is and is-not.”

Do you want to propose something for us to workshop. If not, I’ll keep thinking. Maybe we should put it up on a wiki post so everyone can edit it.

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This is what I have so far, quickly off the cuff…

A community of individuals who want to learn about others points of view, understand complex systems, and take action to solve wicked problems on personal, community, and global levels.


A community of individuals who {are assembling the meta capabilities} that enable all of us to effectively learn about other points of view {both current and indigenous}, understand and make sense of complex systems, and take actions to solve wicked problems on personal, community, and global levels.


I think Open Global Mind is a wandering discovery quest, that may or may not settle on doing something together.


That’s awesome RobOK.

Shameless plug for one set of pictures, please check out this post and share your thoughts;

I never really stopped to think about how I think and then Roam arrived ( and I can’t imagine how I ever got though the day without it. I now realize that I think best when I’m doing! And to date here’s the best overview I’ve found…

Is it possible to have a group Roam instance for OGM? I know we have not settled on that as a tool, but it seems fairly wiki like that people could jump in fairly easily (I have not tried it yet)

Such a great graphic! Captures and communicates rather well.

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Glad you are reading this thread! Tell us what you liked…