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Workflowy launches Mirror Topics

(I wonder, a little, if this will be the next “backlinks like Roam” thing…)

Say Hello to Mirror Bullets

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature in WorkFlowy called Mirrors ! With mirrors you can create live copies of any bullet and put them anywhere you like, and any change you make to a mirror will be automatically updated across any other mirror you have.

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Otherwise also known as “transclusion” (term by Ted Nelson).


Good point, Stephan. :slight_smile:

You probably know well HTML’s way of embedding/transcluding images and other material, and iframes even allowing to interact with other pages that aren’t part of the current one, as lower, simpler forms of transclusion. While Ted has several descriptions (or focus on different aspects) of the concept, if I understand correctly, the higher forms of transclusions, also similar to Alan Kay’s object manipulation and Bret Victor’s demonstrations, is probably roughly along these lines. Maybe having one global (maybe federated too, I’m wondering?) live resource and change/adjust it from many places, as an integrated part therein. Not so much everybody jumping on the same shared Google Doc, but composing “pages”/UI from transcluded parts/components. But I don’t really know for sure and authoritatively, more an indication of general direction.

Another demonstration (at 3:37) of what’s pretty likely legitimately called transclusion I guess.

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