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Collective Intelligence Materials (Facilitation, Tools, and More)

#wiki Collective intelligence
#map Jerry’s Brain > Articles About Collective Intelligence :bookmark:

#article Responding to the need for online collective intelligence facilitation: A framework for systems thinking facilitators by Michael Hogan, Owen Harney, Robert Razzante, in Systems Research and Behavioral Science, published on 5 Nov 2020 Note: Full article might be accessed via Libgen or Sci-Hub

#article Collective Intelligence in Organizations: Tools and Studies by Antonietta Grasso, Gregorio Convertino, in Computer Supported Cooperative Work, published on 16 Jun 2012 | See also: on SpringerLink

#article Integral Mindfulness, Collective Intelligence, and Collective Sentience: signposts to the later phases of our evolutionary journey by George Pór (2015)

#book Collective Intelligence - Creating a Prosperous World at Peace editor: Mark Tovey (2008) — downloadable 648-page pdf

#chapter The Quest for Collective Intelligence by George Pór, in Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business (1995)

#conference-presentation Creating a Meshwork of Communities of Practice for Unleashing the Emancipatory Potential of AI-Enhanced Collective Intelligence by George Pór the 9th International Conference on Innovation and Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific (IKMAP2018), Hangzhou, 2018

#conference-presentation Augmenting the Collective Intelligence of the Ecosystem of Systems Communities: Introduction to the Design of the CI Enhancement Lab (CIEL) by George Pór at International Society for Systems Sciences, Haiphong, 2013

#conference-presentation Framework for Awakening Collective Intelligence in the Ecosystem of Commons Initiatives by George Pór at International Association for the Study of Commons, Hyderabad, 2011

#conference-presentation Towards a Federated Framework for Self-evolving Educational Experience Design on Massive Scale (SEED-M) expanded version of a presentation prepared by George Pór for the 2nd conference on Knowledge Federation, Dubrovnik, 2010

#conference-presentation Designing for the Emergence of a Global-scale Collective Intelligence: Invitation to a Research Collaboration by George Pór at the first Global Brain Workshop, Brussels, 2001

#website MIT Center for Collective Intelligence - Publications

#website Connected Intelligence Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney

#website George Pór’s Blog of Collective Intelligence (since 2003) :bookmark:

#website Collective Intelligence and Human Choice: Invitation to the Collective Intelligence Convergence See also: the story of Collective Intelligence Convergence (1993-2007) by Tom Atlee

Feel free to extend this topic with other articles/videos/wikis/etc.

Maybe @Technoshaman, @lovolution and others can add further interesting resources.

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Thank you @tovissy for opening this wiki page and the references you added. I imagine that @Jerry may find some juicy CI goodies in his Brain and so does, with whom we co-curated the Collective Intelligence &Collective Wisdom community on the now-defunct Google+.

I was wondering what counts for interesting resources. Interesting for whom, in what context? That came from the question of how to select from the 100s CI-related stuff in the research library on my hard disk, which I collected/generated since the mid-'80s?

For now, I added here some of my own writings not necessarily because of their assumed general interest :smiley: but because they reflect where I’m coming from, which could be useful to know when you guys read about my CI-augmentation project that I offer to federate with OGM.

If it turns out that you, @RobOK, @saiiam, and maybe others, are interested in, let’s say, CI applied to innovation in organizations, then we could form a working group focused on that area, which would also give a possible context to what kind of CI content could that group find interesting to curate.

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Thank you @Technoshaman for your contributions, even with my very limited understanding of interests of the different members, it was obvious that you should be mentioned/notified about the initial post.

What counts as interesting? Bluntly, I was thinking about any resource someone, in this case, you, can attach the word(mark) to.
Interesting for whom? Interesting primarily for you (the individual, who reacted on the initial message). Depending on the level of collective consciousness - that we’re strengthening through our actions, I was thinking about any reading/resource, each of us know!, believe, or at least assume to be interesting for more one member of this forum (otherwise we could share these resources in private as well).
Interesting in what context? The broader context would be this OGM forum (while some thread links are cross-posted by @peterkaminski to the Google group as well), but as discussions evolve, could apply to the various collaborations happening between the members of this forum, that touch the different aspects of CI (as/if they will be covered by a variety of materials curated here). - ok, after reading your answer again, I realised that you wrote pretty much the same thing.

You mean SymmaSys — Wiser Together here or something else?

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You mean SymmaSys — Wiser Together here or something else?

Yes, that one, although we may change the title when the next iteration of its Concept draft will be released.

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