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Flotilla Project is Working on Directories

@Arena and I would like to low-key announce two things:

  1. Flotilla Project, which will be doing some experiments around, and building working prototypes of, project, association, and people directories for OGM and other communities over the next few months. The working name for these experiments is Flotilla. (That current website is a simple, hand-built placeholder, which just lists the two things we’re announcing - one of our first experiments.)

  2. The Tools for Connectors Association, which is a special interest group for makers, designers, and other people interested in tools and processes that help connect people, such as directories and matchmaking.

We’re starting small – just Vincent and me. We’d love to have other people join us, though!

After the 2020 holidays, we’re planning to have a weekly virtual open house, with a couple of hours of discussion and work, with everybody invited.

Keep in touch! Either in OGM Forum/Flotilla Project is Working on Directories or CSC Mattermost/Tools for Connectors.


Just to acknowledge some of the discussions about directories we already have in the forum:

Existing systems to leverage, free-ride on

Invitation: Create a list of OGM call participants

Following Murmurations

Potential quests

Invitation: Design + build a collection and feed of project invitations/requests

Working group around builder role for data/media curation tooling?

Project Directory & Connecting/Matchmaking

I’m a little concerned given the list of threads above that there’s something missing. Symptomatically, the missing thing seems to be participation. As such, even the easiest-to-use tool isn’t going to be enough: there also has to be some evidence that it can help users accomplish what they’re after. That should be relatively straightforward to add (e.g., by using the tool to track sub-projects of the Flotilla project?).

It is a good observation, Joe.

Participation is explicitly part of our thinking with Flotilla Project, although we hope it will be in the open houses, and working with people to figure out how to get their data in and out in ways that make sense to them.

More as it unfolds…

If more participation is needed, then maybe some work on stating what tasks need to be done is warranted. To me saying “We need help with directories” just leaves me blank.

Good call, @Tony . This seems to suggest three subtasks (in the spirit of A Christmas Carol):

  1. Specify tasks to be done (at some point, perhaps by self/others/teams)
  2. Specify tasks already in progress (by self/group)
  3. Specify tasks that have been completed (possibly easiest, because all the data is in!)

Without examples, it might be hard to get started. There was some discussion of high-level “bundles” of tasks in the form of “roles” here, but that might still be too abstract.

In the spirit of Murmurations I though this might be handy for keeping the directory data up to date. I’ll be using it on my portfolio site to keep my logos up to date.

A library to easily scrape metadata from an article on the web using Open Graph, JSON+LD, regular HTML metadata, and series of fallbacks.