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Project Directory & Connecting/Matchmaking

We’ve discussed the issue of duplication of efforts due to a lack of clear, updated & actionable information on what is out there and even more importantly, how to get involved. This has resulted in a highly fragmented landscape where many organizations and startups are not as effective as they could be and are competing for very limited resources to support their missions and create the change that we desperately need in a time of intersecting crises.

At the OGM Workshop we discussed breaking out into smaller teams. One particular team which I think is inevitable to form is a working groups towards a more connected OGM. This includes a potential directory, project matching, project list, and other ways to use discourse to connect OGMers to each other. I know a few of these already may exist in Jerry’s brain and other places, so I think we should take a look at these and focus on determining the pros/cons of each and making an intentionally designed “superset” project form/list in which projects can be imported from different sources. Interoperability is key.

I’ve started to make a project form for a project I’m working on called Catalist (originally intended and used at innovation summits to connect conference attendees) which I’m happy to share and build off of to do this work within OGM. I think it’s quite comprehensive so it may need to be trimmed a bit. I’ve made it using airtable in a way that the information can be easily filterable (easily sort and group by location, topic, project type, and persona (designer/engineer, etc). This has the potential to passively match people who create a profile in which certain criteria for a project and the profile “match”. More details in the form description.

I’d like to propose a time on the calendar, November 12th at 9:00am EST for anyone interested to join and discuss in detail. Regardless if we cover ground in this weeks Open meeting that I plan on joining, I will be available in the following Google Room an hour before next weeks OGM Open Call here:

Does anyone know of any existing “project lists”? Feel free to post here and we can collect them in a thread. I won’t even mention making a list of lists but it may be necessary…



Invitation: Design + build a collection and feed of project invitations/requests + Following Murmurations

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relevant … let’s weave and disambiguate …!!

Hashverse & Hashbins Sandbox

see also, @Technoshaman ‘SymmaSys’

Awesome, thanks Stephan - we have a good starting point with some of the lists that you and Nancy posted in that thread.

Howdy! Is the Nov. 12 call on? It’s a tad early for left-coasters, but I’d love to participate.

Yes the meeting is still on! I sent both of you invites to the calendar event. I’m not sure that OGM has a shared calendar this can be added to or if would be too much to invite the entire open list, but feel free to invite anyone else that you think would be interested in the conversation. Sorry west-coasters, next one I promise wont be as early…figured before or after our weekly call would be a good bet that most folks could join.

Not as far as I know, but there should be one(s). :slight_smile: